Build a global building materials industry chain

A construction project requires the cooperation of many suppliers and service providers. Moreover, the product supply chain in the building materials industry is complex and there are many types of products. Excellent companies in the field of building materials such as decorative materials, steel, cables, mechanical and electrical equipment, engineering design, products, and transportation will discuss with our company how to create a supply chain ecosystem in the building materials industry through cooperation. , mutual promotion and win-win cooperation.

Project Cooperation:
In terms of construction projects, our company is willing to join hands with developers to participate in the construction of project projects. The core advantage of our company is to provide customized building materials products for construction projects by integrating the industrial chain.
Service Cooperation:
Our company can provide services in product design, transportation, customs declaration, etc. for construction projects. At the same time, it provides inspection services and remittance services for customers purchasing projects in China.
Our company is sincerely recruiting Chinese design companies, transportation companies, and import and export service companies to jointly build a project service chain.
Supply Chain Cooperation:
Relying on the Foshan building materials industry base, our company provides building materials products for global builders, contractors, designers, owners, etc.
Our company welcomes global building materials suppliers to cooperate and build a global building materials industry chain together.

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