Lab Test For Building Materials

Our company cooperates with the world's leading quality inspection service organizations to provide various inspection services for building materials products. With more than 2,000 laboratories and branches in more than 100 countries of global professional testing institutions, our company is committed to bringing innovative and customized solutions for assurance, testing, inspection and certification to the supply chain of customers in the construction industry. All-round peace of mind.

At present, our main services include the inspection of guardrails,railing, stairs, windows, doors, hardware products, pergola, canopy,floors, steel, lamps and other goods. The testing content includes a series of services including testing, inspection, certification, auditing, risk assessment and management, as well as consulting and training.

Assurance: Make sure you identify and mitigate risks inherent in your day-to-day operations, supply chain and management systems.
Testing: Evaluate whether your products and services meet or exceed standards for safety, quality, performance and sustainability.
Inspection: Verify that your raw materials, products and assets are compliant, of appropriate value and safe.
Certification: A formal confirmation that your products and services meet any internal or external established standards.
My Company Commitment:
1. Comply with the relevant national laws and regulations when engaging in inspection, testing and certification activities, follow the principles of objectivity, independence, fairness, honesty and credit, and abide by professional ethics;
2. The management of the company guarantees that it will not interfere with the development of various inspection, testing and certification activities with any financial or administrative pressure;
3. The company and its employees are obliged to keep confidential the business secrets and technical secrets they know during the inspection, testing and certification activities in their respective positions, to ensure that the above-mentioned customer confidential information and ownership are kept safe, and shall not be used in any disseminated in any form, or disclosed to third parties.
4. The employees of the company shall not have any interest relationship with the inspection, testing and certification activities they are engaged in, as well as the data and results they issue;
5. Employees of the company shall not participate in any activities that impair the independence and integrity of inspection, testing and certification judgments;
6. The employees of the company must conduct marketing activities in a manner that is honest, not deceiving, not misleading, and in compliance with relevant laws.

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