Municipal Engineering Materials Products Customization

Municipal refers to urban public utilities projects such as urban roads, bridges, water supply and drainage, sewage treatment, urban flood control, parks, road greening, street lights, and environmental sanitation. At present, our company mainly provides building materials products for the following municipal projects.

1. Road traffic engineering.

Such as roads, interchanges, squares, transportation facilities, railways and subways and other rail transportation facilities.

2. River and lake water system engineering.

Such as rivers, bridges, canals, irrigation and drainage pumping stations, sluice bridges, dams and other hydraulic structures.

3. Public construction projects.

Public buildings, municipal structures, stations, airports, etc.

Products Design Service

Municipal Engineering drawing

According to the requirements of municipal engineering on product structure, mechanics, etc., we provide customers with design drawings of building materials products required for construction projects.

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Municipal Engineering product 3D design

In order to let customers have an intuitive understanding of building materials products customized for municipal engineering, we can provide 3D visual design of building materials products.

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Providing Building Materials For Municipal Engineering

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