Win-win cooperation and build a global building materials industry chain.

We sincerely look forward to substantial and extensive business cooperation in the construction market with customers and suppliers all over the world. By creating the integration of service platforms, increasing financial trust, controlling related risks, and promoting the reform and upgrading of the supply chain.

Improve customized solutions: From the macro and strategic levels, we continue to pay attention to the development trends and trends of the building materials industry, open up the upstream and downstream supply chains of customized building materials products in the building materials industry, and provide suitable product solutions for customers' building materials projects.

Open cooperation: We adhere to and give full play to our platform advantages, complement the advantages of our partners, jointly build a complete building materials industry chain, strengthen the building materials product ecology, and create a healthy and benign building materials industry environment.

Shared interests: We insist on being a "catalyst" and "adhesive", and through benefit sharing "integrating the industrial supply chain", we will work with our partners to build a building materials product ecosystem and promote the optimal configuration of the global building materials industry.

Cooperation Agency


WilliamArchi sincerely recruit regional agents for building materials products all over the world, and look forward to substantive and extensive business cooperation with your company.

Cooperation Become Partner

Become Partner

WilliamArchi is a young and creative building materials company.We look forward to your joining.

Cooperation Consulting


WilliamArchi is a professional building construction materials consultation service company, providing whole process customization consultation services for customers.

Cooperation QA QC


WilliamArchi can provide QA & QC services for building materials products in China for customers all over the world.

Cooperation Become Shipping Agent

Shipping Agent

WilliamArchi can provide shipping transportation services for building materials products in China for customers all over the world.

Cooperation Lab Test

Lab Test

WilliamArchi can provide building materials products for customers all over the world in China and do product quality testing in professional laboratories.

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