Shipping Solution For Building Materials

Shipping Agent For Customer

The company always adheres to the construction of one-stop service for building materials supply chain. While providing customers with building materials products, we also provide customers with transportation solutions for building materials products. Guided by modern logistics concepts and customer needs, relying on logistics service design and operation capabilities, using scientific management methods, advanced Internet technology and modern logistics equipment, we provide customers with effective, economical, fast and safe third-party logistics services. We have signed transportation agreements with many large airlines to ensure freight advantage and stable supply of transportation space.

Shipping services for building materials:
FCL transportation: We have signed long-term cooperation agreements with a number of shipping companies, which can provide customers with diversified choices and competitive price port-to-port seaborne import and export services.
Bulk LCL: We offer global shipping services, allowing you to easily plan your delivery time.
Warehousing service: Our company has professional service teams for warehousing and loading and unloading goods all over the country. Committed to providing customers with a variety of basic and value-added warehousing services through excellent supplier relationships.
Multimodal transport: Relying on domestic and foreign network resources, according to customer needs and cargo characteristics, we provide multimodal transport services such as sea, land, air, water, and railway.
Marine Insurance: Professional cargo transportation insurance consulting, processing and claims services with preferential rates.
Building Materials Products Air Freight Services:
1. Sample air transportation: For the time limit of sample transportation of purchased and customized building materials products, we can send the samples to customers in time by air transportation for confirmation.
2. Cargo transportation: For building materials products that need to be transported in time, we provide air freight forwarding services to and from China.
3. Air freight clearance: Provide door-to-door air freight to help customers provide import and export customs clearance services.

Product customization consultation: Our company provides customers with drawing design and mold design of building materials products, and helps customers transform customized building materials products from design to finished product.

Product procurement consultation: Our company has been operating building materials product supply chain optimization for many years, and can help customers purchase building materials products required by customers' construction projects in China.

Cooperate With Shipping Company

Our company is willing to cooperate with global transportation companies and import and export service companies to jointly establish a global transportation alliance and promote the construction of a world product and cargo circulation platform.

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