Quality Assurance & Quality Control

There are various building materials products involved in construction projects. If the customer wants to control the quality of each order, it is inevitable that they need to go to the supplier of building materials for quality control and product inspection. However, the geographical factors of international trade have made the implementation of QA & QC difficult. Our company has been operating building materials products in China for many years, and can provide QA & QC services for customers purchasing building materials products in China.Also we are looking forward to work with professional QA QC teams of building materials.

Provide QA AC services to customers

Our company provides customers with QA QC services for building materials products through our understanding of the industry chain of the building materials industry. The specific process is as follows:

Communication requirements: The customer needs to communicate with our company to do QA QC project requirements and provide our company with relevant product information. Our company makes a reasonable assessment and responds to the customer whether our company can provide QA QC services.
Service quotation: Our company discusses the quotation plan with the customer according to the customer's needs and adjusts the service quotation according to the actual discussion results.
Confirm the contract: Our company sends the service contract to the customer by email, and the customer confirms the service contract and replies to our company with a signature.
The customer pays the deposit: Customer's contract payment terms pay the deposit, and our company confirms the receipt of the payment to the customer after receiving the deposit.
QA QC: Our company performs QA QC service process for the building materials products in the contract at the agreed time and place according to the terms of the contract.
Feedback: Our company will record the actual quality control and inspection (recorded in the form of text and pictures or video) to generate a service report and feedback to the customer.
Customer answer: After receiving the QA QC report feedback from our company, customers can ask questions about the report, and our company will reply in time.

We are looking for QA QC service providers

Our company needs to cooperate with professional inspection service providers in Foshan, Zhongshan, Zhejiang for a long time. Welcome the personnel with experience in the inspection of building materials products here to contact our company. The following are the conditions of cooperation for inspectors:

Gender: male or female
Age: Between 25-45 years old
Work experience: At least 2 years of QA QC work experience. Familiar with building materials industry products, see product categories for specific products.
Work content: Carry out QA QC work according to the documents and requirements provided by our company. Long-term resident personnel need to go to our headquarters to participate in QA QC process training.
Product categories: guardrails, stairs, doors, windows, gate, partitions, pergola, skylights, canopies, floors,steel materials etc.

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