About Building Materials Products Contract

After negotiating with customers, our company will provide customers with two forms of business contracts. PI and business contracts are the official contract certificates provided by our company for building materials such as guardrails, stairs, doors, windows, shutters, hardware products and so on. In building material product customization and building material product design services, our company will provide PI or contract.

PI: Proforma invoice is a business contract between our company and the customer when there is no formal contract between our company and the customer.

Our pro forma invoice mainly lists the following offers:
1. Contents of goods/services
2. Quantity
3. Transaction price method
4. Shipping period
5. Mode of transportation
6. Payment method
7. Detailed bank information of the company

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Business contract: After the customer has reached a business cooperation, our company will provide a formal business contract to replace the PI signed before.

The contract mainly includes the following offers:
(1) Contents of goods/services
(2) Contract price
(3) Payment method
(4) Packaging and shipping signs
(5) Inspection, sea trial and acceptance
(6) Quality assurance
(7) Delivery and shipment
(8) Insurance
(9) Confidentiality
(10) Force Majeure
(11) Claims and Arbitration
(12) End of contract

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