Customs Declaration/Clearance Service For Building Materials Products

Since our company has been engaged in the export of building materials products for a long time, we are very familiar with the customs clearance process of building materials products. Customers can entrust our company to handle the export declaration of goods at the Chinese customs. With the accumulation of our own customs clearance experience, the customs clearance strength of our building materials products ranks among the best in the industry, serving customers to do the following:

1. One-to-one service for customers, confirm the declaration code and export possibility before exporting building materials;

2. Provide customers with a complete customs clearance process, assist in filling in the declaration elements, etc.;

3. Handle relevant customs clearance documents, bills of lading, and make reservations for car dealerships;

4. The commissioner assists the customer to complete the customs declaration, inspection declaration, tax payment and other links;

5. Regular return visits to optimize customs declaration schemes for different customers.

Service promise

During the customs clearance process, our company implements one-to-one specialist follow-up procedures, and provides customers with a series of tracking processes such as pre-clearance plan evaluation, data review, declaration progress, emergency treatment, and post-declaration optimization plans. Committed to creating a comprehensive, diversified, standard and professional customs clearance process for building materials products.

Declaration for Inspection and Quarantine

Many building materials products are subject to export inspection and quarantine. With years of experience in exporting building materials, our company is very familiar with the inspection process of building materials. Our company provides global customers with inspection and inspection services for building materials products exiting China Customs. The content includes: providing statutory product quarantine, national quarantine in epidemic areas, wooden packaging quarantine, etc.

Service promise

On the premise of providing complete information, the declaration for inspection and quarantine work will be completed within 8 hours.

Declaration for Inspection and Quarantine Process

1. Statutory quarantine: According to the customs declaration pre-entry review form, record, review, send, and issue the "Entry and Exit Customs Clearance Form"

2. Quarantine of countries in epidemic areas and wooden packaging: According to the declared customs declaration form, record the document, review it, and send the declaration.

Document information

Contracts, invoices, packing lists, power of attorney for inspection and inspection and quarantine supervision requirements provide corresponding information.